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Tide clocks Algae


Our Algae tide clock has a calm and gentle feel. 

The design, with white writing on green-grey background, will brighten up your walls.

Handmade in Hossegor, with a natural beech frame, white hand, and personalised writing below. 

Customize your clock hand – free of charge

Dial variation

Clock dimensions
diameter 31cm / 12.2 inches - Depth 4cm / 1.5 inches
Beech wood frame
Clock movements
Silent clock movement - Running on a single AA battery - not provided

We love: the handcrafted green tide clock placed on a console table or untreated light wood desk.

The wooden frame on this designer clock will blend into the decor, for a totally natural effect. 

Fall in love with this clock which can be personalised online! You can customise the hand of the clock with any town you choose: Ile de Ré, Arcachon, Carnac… 

A tide clock for a natural, bohemian style. 

To create a unique piece of wall art, we dreamt up and brought to market a tide clock that was inspired by the green movement. 

This tide clock would fit in well as part of a bohemian or Scandinavian interior. It brings calm and is perfect for the lounge or bedroom. Buy a wall tide clock and position it on a white wall or wooden shelf.  Create a subtle, calm feel with this modern look!

The tide clock would make the perfect gift for any nature lover looking to bring a bit of the ocean back home with them. 

You hesitate on the choice of the color of the dial?

Receive a sample

Order online a sample kit of our different clock faces. Please note that this €5 kit will be deducted from your purchase when you place an order for a clock on our online site, using the reimbursement code included in the kit.

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