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Tide clocks Aqua


Will the anchor drop here?

This watercolour tide clock in turquoise tones with golden writing, will really enhance your decor.

Handmade in Hossegor, with a natural beech frame, white hand, and personalised golden writing below. 

Customize your clock hand – free of charge

Dial variation

Clock dimensions
diameter 31cm / 12.2 inches - Depth 4cm / 1.5 inches
Beech wood frame
Clock movements
Silent clock movement - Running on a single AA battery - not provided

A tide indicator clock designed and hand made in Hossengor. 

Each of our wooden clock designs is inspired by the ocean and delicately hand made with precision in our workshop. 

Because quality is our priority, we have taken great care to select all of the necessary materials required to make the tide indicator clocks on sale.

Our designs therefore feature a natural beech wood frame, high quality printed face, brass, a silent quartz mechanism and mineral glass to ensure the face is protected.

The watercolour look: an arty addition to your decor.

Watercolour is on trend in the creative arts and has become a bit of a thing in interior design too.  Use wallpaper, cushions, crockery or bed linen to introduce watercolour prints. 

Whether you experiment with pastel or deeper shades, watercolours will work in any home.  Whether you go for the full look or just introduce the odd item here or there, such as our wall clock, watercolours are a great way of creating a calm living space. 

You hesitate on the choice of the color of the dial?

Receive a sample

Order online a sample kit of our different clock faces. Please note that this €5 kit will be deducted from your purchase when you place an order for a clock on our online site, using the reimbursement code included in the kit.

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