How to set your Ocean Clock ?

Useful tips :
We recommend you to set the clock at the high tide and preferably on the day of a strong tidal coefficient. For a more accurate setting, pick a full moon date. Note that the tide times vary by location. Not suitable for navigation.

Settings :
1/ Check information about the local tides coefficients & schedules on a local tide table, or check the following website
2/ Pick a day of strong tidal coefficient (from 85).
3/ Set the single hour hand using the wheel at the back of the movement to indicate high tide on the dial, insert then an alkaline AA battery

Where do tide clocks work ?

Tide clocks work universally, and can be calibrated to different coastal locations.
Their accuracy depends on your spot, follow our indications by referring to the map opposite.
Note that extreme weather conditions have direct consequences on tidal schedules.

Our creations are mainly designed for the Atlantic coast and the English Channel.
The clock needs adjustments twice a year.

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