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Nautical Garland Sailor


Want to escape and breathe sea air?

Hang this peacock-blue garland of floats and bring inside your home some unique seaside atmosphere!

No need to do more to cheer a room up! This Sailor garland of floats, in real trendy peacock-blue tones, will definitely enhance any white wall!

Hard to resist its cheerful colours, modern lines and natural materials.

0.5 kg / 1lb
Length of the garland
1m / 40 inches
Elements in beechwood from eco-managed forests. Made in Jura.
Cotton rope, 100% in natural fibres. Ecological and biodegradable cotton. Twisted in France.
Cognac leather. Finished, cut and embossed in the South of France.
Brass buckle made in Italy. Metal ring made in Germany, adjusted and painted by us.

Our desire to revisit ship floats required much thoroughness and creativity so we could offer you a unique and well-designed wood garland of floats.

We have designed and developed the production of our deco garland of floats right here in Hossegor so it reminds you of a walk along a beach or in a harbour. An original deco object reminiscent of floats attached to fishing boat nets.

To design this pretty wall deco, we first painted then varnished, in our Ocean Clock workshop, each wood element to give them maximum protection. Once the cotton rope was braided, we assembled the whole thing by mixing colours and materials in order to find the right balance.

Nothing was left to chance. Indeed, the wood elements are made of beech wood that comes from an eco-managed forest in Jura, the leather which is nicely embossed with our deco logo is made in Tarn (France)…

These last years, peacock blue has been THE colour in terms of interior decoration. We may find it in small touches on deco objects or covering a section of wall in a living room or behind a headboard in a bedroom. This warm colour is also incredibly stylish. We don’t get tired of it!

Mixing the wood and rope’s naturalness with both the purity of the white colour and the modernity of the peacock blue tint, this modern garland of floats will warm up any interior by bringing in some contemporary marine spirit.

Do not hesitate to combine this wood garland of floats with other online products on sale. The Sailor colour can be found in different shades on our clocks, oars, barometers and reef knots, offering you a multitude of possibilities!

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