Ocean Clock Ocean Clock

Ocean Clock

We are James & Stéphanie
and we created the Ocean Clock brand in 2015.

We have modernised the traditional tide clock.
This measurement tool needed an update!


We love the ocean, that "seaside" spirit,
Living on the Landes coast gave us the opportunity to grow up with the water as part of our lives.

James is an avid surfer and sailor.
Stéphanie loves decor & travel.

Together we have brought the tide clock up to date.

How did the ideacome about ?

Stéphanie's family has been cultivating oysters on Lake Hossegor for five generations. The tides dictate the rhythm of oyster farmer's work each day.

"My parents received a tide clock as a wedding present. This clock has been in our family home for a very long time. And needed some serious modernisation!"


In line with the tide clock, Stéphanie selected nautical classics to revisit!

Memories of her granddad repairing fishing nets, her dad mooring the barge, loads of floats of all colours, as well as their ropes, led her to reinterpret her relatives’ everyday objects: reef knots, floats and paddles.

A nice way to pay tribute to her family and honour her roots!

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A selection of high quality materials,
meticulous assembly,
neat packaging...