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Set sail to our world!

Since 2015, Ocean Clock has made your interiors travel thanks to original creations which reinvent the seaside spirit.

Following the success of our flagship product, the tide clock, our team imagined a whole collection of decorative objects related to the weather and ocean.

To develop new products, we wanted to continue to break the codes of traditional objects by offering a new sleek and resolutely modern design.

Measuring instruments and nautical world’s essentials have all been re-engineered to let seaside style join current trends.

Discover online our whole range of products in the colours of the ocean.

Add a nautical touch to your deco !

Inspired by the ocean, our emblematic colours are available for all our products: tide clocks, traditional clocks, days-of-the-week clocks, barometers, thermometers, paddles, garlands of floats, sea knots… a palette of colours to mix and match in order to wake your decoration!

Made with great care, all our items on sale are hand-assembled within our workshop with quality materials like beech wood, organic cotton rope, leather made in France, ash wood or even mineral glass.