Beige Moon phases clock – Dune Lunar Beech wood wall clock
Beige Moon phases clock – Dune Lunar Beech wood wall clock
Beige & light brown Lunar Clock - Modern style, design Dune
Handcrafted lunar phase clocks

Moon Phase Clock Dune


Discover the current lunar cycle at a glance! This wall moon clock will gently show you the different phases of the moon.

As the mechanism makes one complete revolution in over 700 hours, the rotation of its main hand will be slow. So the second hand we've designed will confirm that your clock is working properly by skipping a step every minute!

It's hard not to fall in love with this wooden moon phase clock, with its unique design and delicate colours. It's an essential decorative and practical object for creating an authentic celestial atmosphere.

The little waves on the dial indicate the high and low tidal coefficients of the month.
Handmade in France, Hossegor made out fo beech wood.

🌕 Our moon clock is relevant when you live in the northern hemisphere!

Customize your clock hand – free of charge

Dial variation

Beech wood - FSC, mineral glass
Horloge Lunaire
Dimensions de l'horloge lunaire
diameter 25,5cm / 10 inches - Depth 4cm / 1.5 inches
Clock centrepiece
Piece made of cornstarch

Located in Hossegor, our workshop hand-makes the Dune wooden moon clock using traditional craftsmanship and quality materials. For greater longevity, we assemble our clocks with brass components, mineral glass, PFC natural beech wood and a quartz mechanism.

How could you resist this moon clock on sale on our website? It's an original, carefully crafted wall decoration that's sure to enhance any room in the house.

The dial of this wooden clock features brown and beige illustrations of the waxing and waning gibbous moon. And its subtle blue waves will add a touch of the sea to your decor!

Our Dune moon phase clock is the ideal decorative accessory for a cosy interior inspired by both cosmic and nautical themes. Its off-white dial and beige lettering will add a touch of softness and authenticity to your home or flat decor.

In a bedroom or living room, its dimensions are ideal for decorating a shelf or desk in natural materials. As well as its primary use, the Ocean Clock moon clock is a real decorative object that you won't want to do without.

A real call to relaxation, this original clock, on sale, will charm you with its soft colours and the warmth of its wooden base. The perfect gift for those who love natural decor!

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