How to read a lunar clock How to read a lunar clock

How to read a lunar clock

Nothing could be easier than reading the Ocean Clock moon clock!

Not only a useful creation, our version of the moon clock 🌖 also becomes fun thanks to its second hand.

The phases of the moon at a glance 👁️ !

How to interpretthe data from a moon clock

The clock hand indicates the current phase of the moon.
You can observe the different phases: gibbous moon, first quarter, waxing crescent, 🌑 new moon, waning crescent, last quarter and full moon 🌕! Also whether the moon, is waxing or waning.

The oceanin your sights!

As usual, we like to break codes, and this moon clock has some of Ocean Clock's signature features.

Its wavelets show you which days have high and low tide coefficients during the month.

An originalsecond hand

The second hand at the centre of the Moon Clock jumps a step every minute.

As the hand turns very slowly, it guarantees you that the clock is working properly!

Get a visualimage

This image of the moon in action will help you understand the correlation between our dial and the different phases we have chosen to feature on our version of the moon clock.