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Tide clocks

Forget about the traditional measuring instrument! Revisited in 2015 by Stéphanie and James, the tide clock, our hallmark product, is becoming a must-have in decoration thanks to its modern and stylish look.

Escape through the seaside spirit conveyed by this original object that is both useful and decorative and which will definitely refresh your walls.

Find out online about our collection of customisable wooden tide clocks.

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A tide clock that breaks codes!

If you are a surfer, stroller or deco enthusiast, fall for this both useful and beautiful clock, on sale, and get closer to the ocean.

Refined and contemporary, the Ocean Clock tide clock puts this old nautical measuring instrument back at the heart of decoration.

Brass got replaced by a warmer beechwood frame, its refined face is lightened up by seaside colours and its hand is customisable with the inscription of your choice.

Every day, within our workshop in Hossegor, our crew strongly commits to customising and assembling your tide clocks, from beginning to end, with quality materials (beechwood, brass, mineral glass…) in order to offer you a made-in-France clock with neat finishes.

Easy to use, the tide clock can be used either in town or at the seaside. All you need to do is set it to the tide times of your reference port, and you are done!

To find out more, go to our page dedicated to the setting of tide clocks.

How to set a tide clock?