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Weather thermometer

At Ocean Clock’s, we love reinventing classics. After the tide clock and barometer, it is the turn of a new iconic measuring tool to be adorned with Ocean Clock’s style: the thermometer.

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If you have any questions about how our weather thermometers work, and how to properly install it, you may want to read our explanations here :

How does a thermometer work ?

Trendy weather thermometers

It is by finding inspiration in the ocean that we have imagined, within our workshop in Hossegor, an original and customisable indoor thermometer. Fashioned from beech wood, its unique design with its rounded curves is a reminder of the ocean’s smooth movement.

Make your weather thermometer a unique object by choosing online customisation! City, date, song title, house name… Add an inscription dear to your heart for a deco to your image.

Placed on a sideboard, shelf or desk, this made in France wood thermometer will take your house or apartment closer to the sea and will show you the temperature of your bedroom, living room or kitchen at a simple glance.

Hand-assembled, this modern thermometer will add a touch of originality and a delicate seaside spirit to your deco.