wooden thermometer with turquoise dial in celsius
wooden thermometer with turquoise dial in celsius
thermometer carved in wood with turquoise celisus dial placed in a kitchen
wooden thermometer with personalised turquoise dial
thermometers in production

Weather thermometer Arctic


The seaside spirit invites itself in our deco thanks to our stylish wave-inspired thermometer.

Useful on a daily basis, this turquoise-blue dial thermometer will add a colourful and refreshing touch to your interior.

Each laminated wood piece is unique. Knots, tints and grooves may slightly vary from one thermometer to another.

Our thermometers are calibrated by using a thermometer calibrated in a lab.

Hand-assembled in Hossegor, natural beechwood stand, white pointer, customisable inscription.

Customize your thermometer – free of charge

Measuring scale

Beech wood
Dimensions du thermomètre
13,5cm x 12,5cm x 4cm / 6 in x 5 in x 2 in
+/- 1°C

In line with Ocean Clock’s world, we have imagined an indoor wooden thermometer which looks both modern and original and that is inspired by a nautical spirit. It is within our workshop in Hossegor that this unique stylish thermometer, made in France, was developed from start to finish.

Its beechwood stand was imagined to make your interior travel to the seaside, thanks to its rounded curves and embossed waves.

The decorative Arctic thermometer, which requires no energy or adjustment to function, is assembled by our crew with a specific mechanism. The latter expands depending on the room’s temperature which makes the metal pointer move.

Just like tide clocks, our collection of thermometers is customisable online to create a deco to your image. You can thus customise the dial’s beige wave with the inscription of your choice (date, town, song, house name…).

Going from -10°C to +50°C, the dial of our turquoise thermometer and the beige inscriptions will enable to check quickly the room’s temperature while delicately decorating it.

Feel like brightening up your interior? Opt for the ultimate refreshing and sparkling tint: turquoise blue.

This soft and light colour matches perfectly with natural materials allowing you to create an irresistible seaside-spirit decoration, in either a bedroom or living room. To complete your nautical decoration, buy our Arctic indoor thermometer! It will brighten up your house with its turquoise blue colour and will warm it up thanks to its natural beechwood stand

This modern stand thermometer, on sale, will find a spot in any room of the house or apartment and will match with either a tide clock or a barometer from our Arctic collection.

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