Lunar Phases: follow the lunar cycle with a clock!

Lunar Phases: follow the lunar cycle with a clock!

A lunar clock, also called lunar phase clock, is a clock which indicates the Moon’s current phase.

As the Moon goes round the Earth, and the Earth goes round the Sun, its shape changes progressively during the month.

From the full moon to the new moon, including crescent moon, you will discover its different faces!


How does itwork ?

The mechanism of the lunar clock is specific, and operates a complete rotation in 29 days and a half, ⏱️ that is to say 708 hours. As the main clock hand rotates very slowly, the “second hand” is therefore essential! It proves that the mechanism is working properly, by operating a tiny leap every minute.

This period of time was calculated according to the lunar cycle whose duration is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and a few seconds.

The differentlunar phases

Our planet Earth goes round the Sun and also turns on itself. Around our planet orbits a satellite: the Moon.

☀️ The Moon is visible thanks to the sunlight reflecting on it.

As its position differs, its light therefore varies: this explains why it does not always have the same face 🌑

Where doesa moon clock work?

Ocean Clock’s lunar clock is appropriate if you live in the globe’s north hemisphere!
Indeed, depending on where you live, the light side of the moon may look different.

The mechanism of our lunar clocks goes clockwise, the face is illustrated accordingly, bound for the north hemisphere. Not sure? Then, check the map below 👇

Moon clock:what's it for?

A lunar clock is very useful for all ocean lovers. Why? Simply because the moon influences tides 🌊

At Ocean Clock’s, we are used to breaking codes and we like to offer you modern creations. You will be able to check on its face the times when the coefficients are high and low in the month. In other words, you will find out by a simple glance if high tides are coming soon thanks to the illustrated wavelets〰️

The wall lunar clock is also useful to soil lovers 🌱 For many years, and not only in France, gardeners have been relying on lunar calendars to plant, sow and harvest according to the different phases! 

The moon has this “cosmic” and magical power ✨ radiesthesists recharge their clocks during full moon, just like people fond of lithotherapy who recharge their stones with the moon light 🌙

You have been many to ask us for the Ocean Clock’s version of the traditional lunar clock!
The design element of this clock lies in its second hand made from corn starch within a workshop in the Alps!
❓You are probably wondering what its purpose is. Well, simply to reassure you!

The main hand makes a full rotation in 708 hours⏳
You are obviously used to seeing traditional clocks’ hands 🕙 rotating in 24 hours, so you will notice that the lunar hand moves extremely slowly. The oval second hand moves one step every minute, which proves that the clock is working properly.

See our whole range of ready-to-order lunar clocks here: OUR LUNAR CLOCKS

Delivery times are 48/72h and are mentioned on each product sheet just like our values: handmade, family company, French workshop.

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