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Been longing for it? Well, after long months of development, the barometer is now showing up in the Ocean Clock family!

Find out the sky’s colour in a flash thanks to our modern and refine handed barometers collection, on sale right now on our website.

Declined in 6 colours, the Ocean Clock barometer is a stylish and handy deco object that will help you forecast the weather daily for the next 12 to 24h.

The original touch of our weather instrument: its wood bolt, the barometer’s essential reference pointer.

Inspired by the world of our clocks, our wood barometers are meticulously hand-assembled and hand-painted within our workshop with premium materials made in France.

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Forget about the traditional barometer

“What’s the weather going to be like today? Should I take my umbrella or my sunglasses? “, Don’t let the weather take you by surprise anymore!

Get yourself one of our 6 barometer models available online to embellish your interior with originality.

The little OC touch: thanks to the wood bolt-shaped pointer, atmospheric pressure will not hide anything from you anymore!

A new deco item to combine with your Ocean Clock clocks collection in order to master time.