Moon Phase Clock : Track the phases of the lunar cycle

Moon Phase Clock

Ocean Clock’s mission: revisiting classics! After the tide clock, barometer and thermometer, it is now the turn of an iconic measuring tool to dress in Ocean Clock’s style: the lunar clock. Tracking the moon cycles, this wall clock is made by french creators, handmade, coloured dials, beechwood, brass components... 

Discover our collection of moon phase clocks, available in our brand’s 7 emblematic colours, on sale right now on our website.

Questions about how it works and how to install it? See all our explanations on our dedicated page:


Moon Phase Clock : Track the phases of the lunar cycle

Surfers, fishermen, gardeners, decor lovers or lithotherapy enthusiasts… fall for this useful and stylish wall lunar clock on sale, it will bring you closer to the ocean.

As a true ally of sea and soil lovers, this stylish lunar phase clock will accompany you every day to help you organise your activities. A simple glance at this original clock and you will know the current lunar cycle!

Fun and modern, Ocean Clock’s lunar clock puts this old measuring instrument back at the heart of decor.

Brass is replaced by a warmer beechwood frame, its refined face is lit up with seaside colours and its hand is customisable with the inscription of your choice.

Ocean-like blue shades, neutral tints to soften your interior, black colour for a mystic touch… Create a cosmic atmosphere in your interior thanks to one of our 7 models.

The little extras of our clocks: its second hand - centrepiece with bold design - makes a small leap every minute. Why such a piece at the centre of this lunar clock? Simply because the main hand rotates very slowly (708 hours for a full rotation).

Also, its wavelets located on the face illustrate days of the month with low and high coefficients.

Every day, within our workshop in Hossegor, France, our crew carefully customises and assembles from beginning to end your lunar phase clocks with quality materials (beechwood, brass, mineral glass…) to offer you creations with neat finishes, without forgetting its French handcrafted oval second hand?

Easy to use, the lunar clock primarily works in the North hemisphere. You just need to set it as shown on our dedicated page. Information related to times of delivery can be found on each product sheet.