Marine Moon phases clock – Lunar Beech wood wall clock
Marine Moon phases clock – Lunar Beech wood wall clock
Marine Blue Lunar Clock - Modern style, design Marine
Blue Moon phases Clock - Marine wall clock

Moon Phase Clock Navy blue


The moon is the sun's dream ! 
This moon phase clock shows you the different phases of the moon. Its mechanism go around the dial in 29.5 days and 44 minutes!

Observe these different lunar cycles at a glance! Its second hand, which jumps a step every minute, shows you that your clock is working properly (the movement of its hand is very slow compared to a conventional clock).

The intense navy blue dial gives this wall clock the elegant, uncluttered nautical style typical of Ocean Clock.
The small waves on the dial indicate the highest and lowest tidal coefficients of the month.

Handmade in Hossegor, this wall clock features a natural beechwood frame, a white hand and a cornstarch second hand.
This moon clock is part of the Marine collection, which you can buy by clicking on the suggested items below!

🌕 Our moon clock is relevant when you live in the northern hemisphere!

Customize your clock hand – free of charge

Dial variation

Navy blue
Beech wood - FSC, mineral glass
Horloge Lunaire
Dimensions de l'horloge lunaire
diameter 25,5cm / 10 inches - Depth 4cm / 1.5 inches
Clock centrepiece

The quality of our products is one of our priorities. That's why we've made a rigorous selection of materials for our moon phase clocks.

Entirely assembled in our workshop in Hossegor, the navy blue moon phase clock has a sleek, modern look thanks to its natural beech wood surround. To emphasise its originality, our team has completely redesigned the second hand to make it a strong design element.
The origin of materials is important to us, so we wanted to work with local craftsmen for some of the components of our clocks, which are made in France, such as the second hands, made from cornstarch in the Alps, the dials, printed and laminated in Gironde, and the spacers and wooden supports, made 20 kilometres from our workshop.

Often associated with the seaside spirit, as they go perfectly together, navy blue brings intensity and freshness to all contemporary interiors.

Our Marine wall moon phase clock is the touch our walls need for some elegant decor. This revisited measuring tool, will more than adorn your house or apartment, it will assist gardeners, fishermen and radiesthesists.

Moreover, the Pantone colour of its navy-blue face will match perfectly with our Marine traditional clock or Marine tide clock, available online.

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