The workshop The workshop

The workshop

Our manufacturing workshop is located in Hossegor, on the Landes coast.
When you place an order, your tide clock is assembled in the morning of the next business day, then leaves our workshops in the afternoon.

In watchmaking, being meticulous means everything! 


Each clock consists of about fifteen components.
The selection of materials was a crucial step in the design of the clock.
The beech wood frame of each of our tide clocks is 31cm in diameter.
Our dials, printed and film coated in the South West, are UV resistant.
The mechanisms of our tide clocks and classic clocks are silent.
The brass components and metal needles give our clocks a classy finish.
The dials are protected by mineral glass


Assembling clocks by hand requires a certain mastery of the different manufacturing stages.
This patience, rigour and know-how will soon be in your hands!

Our tailor-made tooling allows us to perform all the steps to assemble our components.

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