wooden thermometer with emerald green dial in celsius
wooden thermometer with emerald green dial in celsius
wooden celsius thermometer with emerald green dial next to candles
Wooden thermometer with emerald green dial and its custom sand wave
Thermometers in production

Weather thermometer Sailor


The Sailor thermometer, a must-have item, coming to your home soon!

Brighten up your deco thanks to the intense emerald green colour and the natural wood of our stylish Sailor thermometer.

Each laminated wood piece is unique. Knots, tints and grooves may slightly vary from one thermometer to another.

Our thermometers are calibrated by using a thermometer calibrated in a lab.

Hand-assembled in Hossegor, natural beechwood stand, white pointer, customisable inscription.

Customize your thermometer – free of charge

Measuring scale

Emerald green
Beach wood
Dimensions du thermomètre
13,5cm x 12,5cm x 4cm / 6 in x 5 in x 2 in
+/- 1°C

Ocean Clock reinvents the traditional thermometer! This temperature indicator really needed a makeover to find its spot in the world of interior decoration. It is within our office and workshop in Hossegor that we reimagined the design of the house thermometer, inspired by our clocks and the ocean.

For the sake of quality, we called on a French company to fashion the essential element of our collection of thermometers: the beechwood stand. The wood’s embossed details give it a unique and nautical style.

After woodworking, it is the turn of our workshop’s know-how to come into play regarding the assembly of the dial and specific mechanism of our made-in-France indoor thermometer. To help you create a deco to your image, we customise the dial’s beige wave of the wooden thermometer with the inscription of your choice.

Emerald green is the colour to favour for a smart and soothing interior. Convenient and decorative, our Sailor dial thermometer, on sale, will colour your house or apartment and become your everyday ally. At a glance, you will know the temperature of your interior thanks to its white pointer and its gently tinted inscriptions.

But that is not all! The natural and colourful look of your stylish indoor thermometer will also convey a cocooning and seaside atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Feeling good at home, what is better than that?! How not to fall for this original stand thermometer that will perfectly adorn your living space?

For a very soothing seaside interior, buy the modern emerald-green thermometer, available online, perfect to match with a paddle or garland of floats from our Sailor collection.

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