How does an indoor thermometer work? How does an indoor thermometer work?

How does an indoor thermometer work?

Created in the 17th century, the thermometer has constantly developed in terms of measurement method and design. With Ocean Clock thermometers, we want this temperature indicator to be placed in all interiors and become a modern and stylish object.

Even if its new style makes it a true deco accessory, the thermometer remains above all a measurement tool whose usefulness is recognised. Here, we will explain to you how a dial thermometer works and where to put it in your house or apartment.

The functioning of adial thermometer

Used to liquid or electronic thermometers, you may wonder how the temperature can be shown on a dial. Like for clocks or barometers, the dial thermometer also functions with a specific mechanism.

How doesit work ?

Protected by a little box located at the back of the thermometer, its mechanism is characterised by a spirally wound metal strip linked to the dial’s pointer. But how does a thermometer work?

The spiral mechanism reacts to the change of temperature in the room where the wooden thermometer is and triggers the pointer’s movement. 

More precisely, the metal spiral will contract once the temperature gets colder and will expand when it gets warmer. This reaction will make the pointer move to the left when it is colder or to the right when the temperature increases.

One needs to know that this type of spiral mechanism may show a difference of +/- 1°C compared to the actual temperature of the room.

A dialthermometer

To know the temperature, it is very simple! All you need to do is look at the position of the pointer on the dial, expressed in degrees Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

With a range from -10°C to +50°C, this wood thermometer will show the temperature of any of your interior’s room, from the living room to the bedroom as well as the conservatory.

Do we need toset a thermometer?

A thermometer requires no energy sources or settings, it was calibrated during the assembly of the mechanism. The latter adapts to temperature changes.

If you move out or decide to decorate another room of the house with this original thermometer, you will not have to make any kind of adjustment and thus you can rely on its indications straight away.

Where to putthe thermometer?

In order not to distort the temperature indications, here are a few tips on where to put your indoor thermometer.

For optimal use, we recommend you put your thermometer on some furniture or a shelf far from any heat or cold source. 

For example, it is not recommended to put it near the heating or a window as they could distort the results

Indeed, if your thermometer is not put in the right place, it will not be able to show you the general temperature of the room.

Keep in mind that this stylish thermometer is not suitable for outdoor locations. Indeed, it is not recommended to use it outside in order to protect its wood stand from humidity, sun and rain.

Our tips foroptimal use

Furthermore, the mechanism, located at the back of the thermometer, needs space to react correctly to the temperature variations of your bedroom or living room.

So, it is better not to obstruct the back of your deco thermometer by leaving a gap of a few centimetres between it and the wall or another decoration object. As a result, it will be able to show you the temperature of your house or apartment as accurately as possible.

The Ocean Clock thermometer is an essential item of your interior as it helps you on a daily basis create a nice and comfortable atmosphere by controlling the temperature of your home.

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