turquoise and beige clock in french
turquoise and beige clock in french
beige and turquoise clock in french next to books and white fish

Clock Seaside Time


Want to get away? Fall for our original and modern seafront-coloured Seaside clock.

Tinted with beige and turquoise, this wall clock shows a seascape by mixing sand, ocean and sky in a very poetic way.

Hand-assembled in Hossegor, frame in natural beechwood, white hands.

Clock dimensions
diameter 31cm / 12.2 inches - Depth 4cm / 1.5 inches
Beech wood - FSC, mineral glass
Clock movements
Silent clock movement - Running on a single AA battery - not provided

True ocean-inspired wood deco object, this Ocean Clock wall clock is made within our workshop, in Hossegor, right in the Landes (France), with quality materials and great craftsmanship.

The natural beechwood frame, mineral glass, brass components, white metal hands and top printing face are all hand-assembled in order to offer a top-quality hand-crafted design clock.

How can we not fall for this ocean-inspired clock, for sale online? An original wall decoration made with love and which can only sublimate the rooms of your house.

You wish to inspire some seaside spirit in your decoration? This Seaside clock in natural wood is a true window onto the ocean.

Its design, mixing beige and turquoise tints, is an ode to seascape. The sand, ocean and sky colours are smoothly combined to create a poetic picture with delicate curves.

You don’t live near the ocean? A simple glance at your Seaside decorative clock is enough to take you to the waterside.

By either hanging it to complete your wall decoration or putting it on a piece of furniture, our clock with its ocean colours and nautical white inscriptions will adorn any room of your house. All in a rather modern and contemporary seaside spirit.

For a most refreshing interior, combine this blue-and-beige-coloured wooden clock with the Seaside tide clock, on sale now. A way to give a bit of lightness and poetry to your deco while cadenced by waves.

Looking for a gift? Consider offering a Seaside clock to those who are fond of seaside landscapes.

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