How to teach children the days of the week ?

How to teach children the days of the week ?

It is hard for a child to know what day of the week it is.

For us, adults, it is something natural but for children the concept of days is still something abstract. 


To help your little darling know what day it is, you will need some educational and fun tips to assist him/her in this essential learning phase.

Here, we will give you a few advices on how to teach your children the days of the week in a fun way using songs and our my little week clock

Knowingthe name of each day

Before teaching him/her the notion of time, it is first important to teach him/her the different days of the week. Knowing the name of each day is already a big step in the learning of the week, but how to teach our child ?

The concept of time passing will only be mastered between the ages of 5 and 7, depending on the child. So there is no need to pressure him/her as soon as he/she starts kindergarten, just start simply by playing with the days of the week so your child can memorise them more easily. To do so, what better than nursery rhymes to make learning fun. Little ones are fond of children's songs and they tend to memorise them quite fast.

A good way to make the learning easy while having great moments of complicity with your beloved kid.

As the songsays

To teach through songs, you may invent a funny nursery rhyme related to his/her daily activities or things he/she likes.

This will motivate him/her to re-listen to this little song several times and in the end he/she will know it by heart.

If you lack inspiration, you can pick some popular nursery rhymes that already exist: "Days of the Week", "Sunday Monday"...

Some rhymes can be a bit too long and complicated to memorise depending on the age, so do not hesitate to choose a different one or even adapt it to your child.

Once your child has memorised all days of the week, you can help him get his/her temporal bearings but still with fun teaching tools.

Knowing whatday it is

Since My Little Week clock is visual, it makes it a pretty deco object and an easy-to-use tool which helps learn the days of the week. It is not a traditional clock with two or three hands but a week clock where days are shown by a customisable hand.

How can a clock show days ? This clock especially designed for kids works with a 7-day rotating mechanism, that is to say, 168 hours. The clock face is divided into 7 parts which correspond to the different days of the week.

Each day, sea animals do different activities related to school (painting, cutting, puzzle...) or leisure (sport, nap...). 

Therefore, no need to master reading to figure out what day it is. Children can know, at a glance, thanks to the customised clock hand, if today is school day or a day off when they can play.

If your child cannot read yet, it is important to take time to explain to him/her how it works and assist him/her every day with the reading of the clock. With time, your child will eventually know the name of the days of the week, their order but also how they are spelt.

The children clock is an efficient way to help your little one find his/her bearings, learning the days of the week becomes child's play !

To go further in learning the concept of time, you can embark on a new educational adventure: teaching your child to tell the time. Find out our advice on how to make it just as fun and entertaining.

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