Customise our lunar clocks! Customise our lunar clocks!

Customise our lunar clocks!

As we are keen on making our decor objects unique, customisation makes total sense to us!

This is why the lunar clock is customisable with no extra charges.

Just a few words are needed to make this clock unique!

Your personaltouch

To do this, add your personal touch to this original clock!

Speak from your heart with the white, black, or beige hand depending on the selected model. Whether you choose the French or English version, customise the clock hand with a meaningful inscription.

WHATto inscribe

What can you possibly inscribe on this lunar clock?
Many possibilities are available to you!

Your customisation can only contain 19 characters (spaces included), which is enough to have a nice personalisation.

Write the name of your house, a nickname, a song, a birthday, the town where you live, or a personal short sentence: your imagination is the limit!