DIY : making a weather station for the little ones in a flash

Learning about the weather becomes child’s play thanks to this DIY accessible to all

Your beloved child is impressed by your barometer, this magical tool which gives the weather forecast in a finger tap. As children love imitating their parents, yours might secretly wish they could guess the sky’s colour in a flash. That is why we got an idea you should like: making a barometer for your kid and making him/her learn about the weather. In this article, you will find all the steps to easily create a weather station for kids, inspired by our own barometer and My Little Week universe.

The different steps of making a barometer with your little cabin boy/girl

We have imagined a DIY barometer that is both easy and fast to build, in line with our barometers collection’s codes. Therefore, your kid will be able to keep an eye on the weather, just like his/her parents. For this very simple manual activity, you will need a few things:

  • 3 A4 sheets of paper 
  • 1 printer
  • 1 pair of scissors 
  • 2 brads

Optional : carton, glue

diy baromètre enfant

Now that you have all the necessary elements for making this weather station for kids, it is time to gather your little ace crew and start creating with your hands.

You do not need any drawing skills to make this kid DIY. All you need to do is print the model we created, with its soft colours and icons that are easily identifiable by children. Its look is very likely to remind him/her of the grown-ups’ barometer.


weather barometer for kids

After having printed the weather station’s elements, cut off the barometer’s face and hands by following the dots. Attach the bolt-shaped hand, at the barometer’s centre, to a brad and the golden hand, right where the thermometer’s marker is.

baromètre enfant

For the weather station to better resist children’s numerous manipulations, do not hesitate to use carton if you want your kid to play with it without damaging either the face or hands.

Use the face as a pattern and cut off the carton by following the face’s shape and do the same with the hands. Then, glue the paper model onto the carton and assemble the whole lot by using brads.

diy baromètre pour enfant

Created in a flash, the handmade barometer is now ready for initiating your kid to the weather.

Learning about the weather in a fun way thanks to this pretty handmade barometer

Days, hours, alphabet, numbers… Kids have to process a lot of information to which they are not always receptive. Therefore, making the learning fun is essential. Playing is a very good alternative to interest them and gently teach them new concepts.

This is why we came up with the idea of a weather barometer for kids, that any parent can build. This educational tool will assist your child everyday while he/she is learning about the weather.

Kids could wear shorts and t-shirts at all times even if it is freezing outside. With this educational barometer, little cabin boys/girls learn how to match the right outfit with the weather.

Start by making him/her identify the sky colours found on the face (bright sun, sun with clouds, clouds, rain and storm) as well as temperature changes (cold, hot).

As you probably noticed, the little jellyfish from our collection of days-of-the-week clocks is here in this DIY barometer to make the learning of the weather more fun.

craft for kids

Indeed, the jellyfish is struggling to pick the right accessories in its locker and needs your kid’s help to get dressed. Cut off the jellyfish and all the elements found in its locker. Ready to play with your kid on the theme of weather?

learn the weather

First, set the hand on the sky’s colour you want and help him/her dress the jellyfish accordingly. If he/she still can not figure out the link between the weather and the right outfit, show him/her first the accessories the jellyfish should wear every time the weather changes. Do the same when it comes to hot and cold weather. If you feel that your child masters the concept, you can set the hands and let him/her dress the jellyfish all by him/herself.

For example, the hand shows a bright sun. Therefore, the jellyfish will have to wear its sunglasses and hat to protect itself.

la météo pour les enfants

If the barometer’s hand indicates rain and the thermometer’s hand is set on cold. Then, the jellyfish will have to wear its boots and scarf and take its umbrella to avoid catching a cold.

station météo pour enfant

Thanks to this colourful weather station, your child is able to get acquainted with the weather and weather change. Every morning, let him/her observe the sky and temperature (cold or hot) and figure out what this morning’s weather forecast is on his/her handmade barometer.

By dressing the jellyfish every day, your little one will identify to it and, as a result, he/she will also know what to wear according to the weather.

Ready to get the scissors? With this barometer and its artisanal hand, your kid will become a pro at weather in a flash.